Are you ready to push both lifting and fitness at the same time?

The Heavy Run Club's Next Event Is For You - 10 Weeks Of Hybrid Coaching For Push Pull Run!

Sick of training for with no real purpose? Enjoy lifting weights but you miss the ability to just get up and go for a run? Powerlifting style training has become BORING and you need something new to stoke your training fire?


What is Push Pull Run?

It's pretty straight forward, a hybrid testing day for those looking to push both lifting strength and cardio fitness. The events:

1 Rep Max Bench Press

1 Rep Max Deadlift

1 Mile Run (1.6km)

10 weeks of fully individualised strength and cardio programming with one of our elite coaches.

Access to your coach weekly for sessions at our gym.

Join a likeminded community of people hunting strength and cardio gains.

Push Pull Run Testing Day - Saturday, June 17th

10 Week Coaching Program Begins - Monday, April 17th.

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"I’ve been making great progress which makes training more enjoyable. Didier is really good with communicating things that I can improve on, and also takes on board suggestions and feedback from me really well."


"I love how simple and effective Charlie’s coaching style is. He doesn’t over complicate things. He educates and keeps things real, and I’ve had crazy results so far!"


"I love the training vibes, community and the unmatched energy. My coach gives me the confidence to push myself further than I had thought I could"


"Breaking down technical errors, utilising important cues, and sticking to a well structured program all contributed to the progress I have made. Online coaching with Didier has been one of the best decisions I have made."

Who Is This For?

❓Do you have hybrid goals where both strength and running are important to you?

Do you enjoy lifting for strength but you also enjoy the feeling of pushing your running and cardio fitness?

Do you want to learn how to manage 2 concurrent fitness goals at once?
❓Are you currently powerlifting, but feel like the mundane SBD training is taking a toll on your enjoyment for training?
Do you want to experience what it is like to work with elite coaches who can help you push the boundaries of your performance?
You want to be able to train specifically for a competition set a date and build your program towards the end goal?
❓You REALY don't want to try Crossfit - but you enjoy training for both strength and endurance?

❓You want to join the Heavy Run Club community?!

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Coach?

Ultimately, we are your guide that will take you to where you want to be. There are 3 main benefits when working with a coach (1) Programming + Nutrition, (2) Accountability, (3) Feedback. 

When you work with a coach specific to your overall goals, life flows easier. After our initial discussion about your goals and history, we will create a custom-tailored program for testing day. This includes both training and nutrition, taking out all of the guesswork for you. You will have confidence in your plan and no longer lose focus on what is important.

Your own dedicated coach will keep you accountable to your goals and the program. We will  help you stay on track during those times when motivation can fade. The coach-client relationship is one that is built upon trust and honest communication. Training can eb and flow, but we will always be here to help keep you on track. Sometimes, life can get difficult and training can be de-prioritised. We get it but we’ll make sure you’re pushing hard to achieve those goals we set out. 

With feedback from your coach, you’ll receive the opportunity to learn and understand how and why your training is going the way it is. Additional benefits of the service include weekly check-ins, direct communication through WhatsApp, block feedback, and progress updates.

Why Strength Culture Coaches Are Some Of The Best In The Industry

With over 6 years of strength and conditioning experience as a team we have taken brand new lifters and built world class athletes out of them. Made heroes out of every day lifters and trainers.

We have worked with over 500 clients around Australia. We have built systems for coaching and programming that will fast-track your progress, regardless of your current experience. Many of our clients and athletes start as newer lifters, 1-2 years experience in the gym without ever having followed a tailored strength/ powerlifting program.

We love taking clients who know they have the potential to be stronger and fitter, but are unsure how to build a plan that works best for them.

All our coaches know that you are a product of your direct environment, so surround yourself with people who are willing to push you to your limits, and see what potential opens up. If you’re someone who has never had a coach before, working with a Melbourne Strength Culture coach could be one of the best decisions of your life.

Jamie Bouziotis

My focus is building "the lot". I love working with clients looking to push the boundaries of strength and performance both in and out of the gym.

Charlie Athanassiou

Having been a national level powerlifter for the past 5 years, I am now looking to add some variety to my own training and helping those who may feel burnt out or 'stuck' doing the same style of training repetitively.

Didier Vassou

I love working with clients looking to achieve specific training and body compositional goals. Combining both nutrition and training strategies to get the best for my clients.

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PUSH PULL RUN Is Exclusive To Members and Clients of Strength Culture - We Care About Our Community

We have taken out all of the guess work related to your first competition to ensure all you have to focus on is your training and nutrition leading into competition day!

Included in this program you will receive:

✅ Your own personalised strength and conditioning program designed to build strength and endurance for the bench press, deadlift and 1.6km run.

✅ 10 weeks of individualised online coaching with one of Strength Culture's elite S&C coaches - valued at $79 per week / $790 total.

✅ 1x 1-on-1 technique session with your coach at the start of your program - valued at $120.

✅ Full access to our nutrition coaching service to ensure you're improving habits outside the gym with your eating - valued at $49 per week / $490 total.

✅ Access to exclusive education content specific to concurrent training, programming, technique, nutrition and more - valued over $300.

✅ Access to Strength Culture gym 1x per week with access to our coaches in staffed hours - valued at $30 per session.

✅ Access to a group of likeminded lifters and runners all chasing the same goal, competing on the same day and motivating you to achieve more!

✅ Access to the Strength Culture Push Pull Run Event on Saturday June 17th to test your new found strength and endurance!


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“No PRs, No Pay, No BS” 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that ANYONE who undertakes this program will be able to take their performance to new heights, that we are willing to back ourselves and put our money where our mouth is.

That’s why we are also offering a “No PRs, No Pay, No BS” 100% Money Back Guarantee where if you do not see any PRs on either the Push Pull or Run, we’ll personally deposit the full amount paid back into your account. 

Obviously, for us to be making this sort of claim, we are confident that you’ll be able to see a level of growth in your performance. Truth be told, most people who work with us will see HUGE performance growth in the first 10 weeks of working with a coach, but just in case you’re worried, we’re putting this out there.  

Now, in order for us to offer this sort of guarantee, you need to be able to fulfil the program to its full capacity which means you need to participate in goal setting, track everything in your spreadsheet/ app as required, and communicate to your coach when expected. If you’ve done all this and you still have not seen any growth over the 10-week program, then we’ll personally refund every dollar paid.

It’s that simple. No bulls**t


We are pretty darn confident that if you put in the work as outlined by us, you will finish this 10 weeks stronger than ever before.

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WARNING: This offer is exclusive and limited to 20 people - we have already sold 9 tickets for the April 17th program.

The only way to ensure you’re a part of the Push Pull Run event on June 17th is to sign up today! If you still have questions and want to discover if this opportunity is right for you, hit the button below and one of our coaches will get in touch to discuss the next steps.

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