3x FREE 1-on-1s Included In Your First 6 weeks

Novice Powerlifting Coaching

Build confidence in your training and strength with world-class powerlifting coaching and programming. We guarantee that you will hit the platform stronger than ever.

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Personalised programming to fast track results, your own coach to keep you accountable and 1-on-1 PT sessions to master your lifting technique.

Gym & Community

Experienced coaching eyes on every session with 7-day gym access & semi-private coaching 32 hours p/week in a supportive training environment.

Comp Day

Build confidence during your prep and test your new found strength on the platform. New PRs are guaranteed or your money back!

Next Novice Competition Date:
September 7th, 2024

ūüĒ•¬†Fast track your progress¬†with¬†individualised programming and coaching tailored towards our next Novice Comp.¬†We don't do 1-size-fits-all approaches with our members.

ūüĒ•¬†Work directly with one of our experienced¬†powerlifting coaches for¬†support,¬†accountability and consistency in the gym.

ūüĒ•¬†Improve technique and confidence¬†with 1-on-1 coaching sessions and semi-private coaching hours in the gym!

ūüĒ•¬†Surround yourself with likeminded¬†lifters to¬†motivate and push your training to new heights.

ūüĒ•¬†Test your strength on the platform with the support of your coach and our community of lifters!¬†

Due to competition capacity, we have a limited number of spaces for new lifters in this program - get in quick to secure your spot!  
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Signed up in January 2024 and competed in the April Novice Comp 4 months later with Coach Jamie.

+20kg Squat
+15kg Bench
+20kg Deadlift


"Just training to lose weight felt horrible and I didn't realise I could be strong and not have to focus on bodybuilding. The people here genuinely care about you."

+10kg Squat
+5kg Bench
+10kg Deadlift


"My biggest win of the day was a 190kg Deadlift, a 25kg PB. It’s crazy what you can do with a bunch of people pushing you on. A strong social support is key to achieve our goals"

+17.5kg Squat
+12.5kg Bench
+25kg Deadlift


Signed up in October 2023 and competed in the April 2024 Novice Comp with Coach Didier.

+15kg Squat
+10kg Bench
+10kg Deadlift
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Are You Suited For Our Novice Comp?

Do you want to compete in powerlifting one day, but don't feel confident enough to jump straight into large competition against heavily experienced lifters?

Do you enjoy lifting for strength in the gym and are interested in a more tailored powerlifting approach but don't know where to start?

Do you want to learn how to improve your strength and technique in the big 3 and safely compete under the supervision of experienced coaches?
You can't be f***ed buying all the equipment and memberships needed for sanctioned competitions?
Or you simply want to 'suss it all out'.. and see what's possible training towards a set goal, with a solid plan amongst a supportive community?
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What You Get Training With Us:

‚úÖ Programs are built and managed just for you. We don't do 1-size-fits-all approaches with our members.

✅ 32 hours of semi-private coaching p/week in the gym for in-person support every session.

✅ Train on competition specific powerlifting equipment year round for confidence in your technique on the platform.

‚úÖ Train in an environment with knowledgeable coaches and other lifters competing on the day.

ūüĒ• Access To Our Next Novice Comp: September 7th¬†ūüĒ•¬†

Why Choose Us For Your First Powerlifting Prep?

We have an experienced team of industry leaders across multiple domains of strength and conditioning. With a combined 20+ years of powerlifting coaching, you can be confident in us.

Jamie Bouziotis

My focus is building "the lot" - I never want to feel like I'm pigeonholed into a physical pursuit. I love working with clients looking to push the boundaries of strength and performance both in and out of the gym.

My Current Goal: Deadlift 272.5kg and complete my first half ironman.

Charlie Athanassiou

Having been a national level powerlifter for the past 5 years and totalling 762.5kg, I am now looking to add some variety to my own training and helping those who may feel burnt out or 'stuck' doing the same style of training repetitively.

My Current Goal: Deadlift 300kg and complete a half ironman.

Didier Vassou

I love working with clients looking to achieve specific training and body compositional goals. Combining both nutrition and training strategies to get the best for my clients. I'm always looking to feel and look my strongest while inspiring my clients to do the same.

My Current Goal: 220kg Squat, 150kg Bench and 300kg Deadlift

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Gym & Coaching Access

Gym Open 5am - 10pm For All Members

Semi-Private Coaching Hours: 

Monday - 6am - 9am and 3.30pm - 7.30pm

Tuesday - 6am - 9am and 3.30pm - 7.30pm

Wednesday - No coaching AM - 3.30pm - 7.30pm

Thursday - 6am - 9am and 3.30pm - 7.30pm

Friday - 6am - 9am - No coaching PM.

Saturday - 8:30am - 12pm

Your First 6 Week Program Includes

3x FREE 1-on-1s Included In Your First 6 weeks

✅ Personalised program with key outcomes and goals outlined and a complete program walkthrough 1-on-1 session.

✅ Your own powerlifting coach for support and accountability to your training to fast track results.

✅ 3x 1-on-1 sessions to build optimal lifting technique and confidence in the gym.

✅ Full gym membership & access to 32 hours of semi-private coaching p/week. Experienced coaching eyes on every session.

✅ Online check-ins for lifting technique reviews, nutrition & programming adjustments. This education is paramount to your success long term.

✅ End of block reviews for program management and adjustments to ensure progress is being made and that the initial plan is still most productive.

✅ Nutrition strategies and plans for improving eating and lifestyle - if required.

Ongoing Membership Options Once You Complete Your First Program:

Full Service Coaching + Gym Membership

  • Includes Novice Comp Access
  • Full gym membership 5am - 10pm
  • 32 hours of Semi-Private Coaching in the gym
  • In-person and online support and accountability from your coach
  • Personalised¬†programming
  • Nutrition support and education
  • Join a community of likeminded lifters and coaches
  • Money Back Guarantee

Online Coaching

  • Includes Novice Comp Access
  • 1-on-1 online support with your coach
  • Personalised programming
  • Nutrition support and education
  • 1x Session p/week at Strength Culture Gym¬†during our coached hours
  • Money Back Guarantee
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 No Gains, No Pay

100% Money Back Guarantee

After years of coaching and taking 100s of lifters into powerlifting & novice comps, our coaches can guarantee you gains in the big 3 and we are happy to put our money where our mouth is.

If you do not break multiple PRs in the prep and/or on the platform we’ll give you your money back, simple. 

The only condition is that you complete the program, push yourself in the gym consistently and communicate openly though the available streams with your coach.

It's pretty simple - if you can guarantee your effort and consistency... we can guarantee your progress and PRs

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