We're ready to share the lessons learnt from developing some of Australia's best lifters:

The Strength Culture Powerlifting System

Covering the bases of all the fundamentals of powerlifting. Technique, programming and nutrition. Learn how we apply the principles of powerlifting coaching with immediate application for you, your clients and athletes.


Seminar Details:
Saturday, October 14th

8.30am - 2.30pm

Strength Culture Gym

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Are You A Coach Looking To:

❓Improve your technical understanding of the powerlifts to increase strength expression for you and your clients?

❓Increase your understanding on programming strategies for hypertrophy, strength and peaking for powerlifting competitions?

❓ Program and execute accessories for both hypertrophy and strength outcomes?
❓Develop nutritional strategies to maximise bulking/cutting phases of training for performance?
Do you want to learn from some of Australia's most experienced powerlifting coaches with 10+ years of combined platform experience?
❓Implement actionable steps with tools and systems for your clients and athletes?


"I’ve been making great progress which makes training more enjoyable. Didier is really good with communicating things that I can improve on, and also takes on board suggestions and feedback from me really well."


"I love how simple and effective Charlie’s coaching style is. He doesn’t over complicate things. He educates and keeps things real, and I’ve had crazy results so far!"


"Training with Strength Culture has been the most pivotal decision that I’ve made, as a coach and a lifter.

Their systems have facilitated my progress as a Powerlifter, and have helped me push my training to levels I previously thought weren’t possible."


"Breaking down technical errors, utilising important cues, and sticking to a well structured program all contributed to the progress I have made. Online coaching with Didier has been one of the best decisions I have made."

Your Coaches And Mentors For The Seminar

🥇 We have built national level powerlifters from everyday trainees.

🥇 We have coached multiple national and world record holding athletes.

🥇 We have been coaching powerlifters since 2017.

🥇 We have built Melbourne's strongest training community.


We are ready to share the lessons learnt from developing some of Australia's best lifters with the Strength Culture Powerlifting System

Charlie Athanassiou

I have coached many lifters to national level competitions and am looking forward to unpacking the technical models we use to maximise efficiency in the SBD lifts.

 Biggest total: 762.5kg at 100kg. With PRs of 280kg Squat, 172.5kg Bench Press and 310kg Deadlift.

Didier Vassou

Having coached a number of everyday lifters to high level competitions around Australia. I am most excited to share the strategies I use to maximise athlete potential with smart nutrition and programming strategies. Don't make the same mistakes we did when we first started!

Personally, I am looking to deadlift 300kg this years at Nationals.

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Everything Included In The Seminar!

✅ Learn the technical model we use for the SBD lifts and all major accessories for strength and hypertrophy.

✅ What are the key technical errors to identify early in your coaching practices.

✅ Programming strategies and systems to improve muscle gain long term for continued strength development.

✅ Programming strategies for skill development and peaking for competition.

✅ Athlete case studies and how to apply the information immediately with your own clients.

✅ Nutrition systems to both gain and lose weight effectively for competition.

✅ Combining nutrition and programming strategies to get the most out of your clients' training and competition phases.

✅ 3x FREE casual passes for access to Strength Culture gym in the month following the seminar for in-person support from our coaches.

✅ 1x month FREE access to our Training App for access to our powerlifting programs and exclusive educational material.

✅ Exclusive coaching offers for our upcoming Novice Powerlifting Competition on March 23rd, 2024.

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