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8 Week Powerlifting Program: 31X1

31X1, created by Charlie Athanassiou, is a 8-week powerlifting program with a large emphasis on the development of motor skill and technique. There are 2 4-week blocks within the 31X1 program.

Block 1 is a higher volume training block designed to exposure you to the main lifts multiple times per week. This increased exposure will provide you training/ practice opportunities to improve at the skill of lifting.

Block 2 has higher intensities so you can practice expressing your new found movement skill at heavier loads.

Both training blocks use a combination of top sets with % back off’s as well as RPE ranges for accessory lifts.

Included with the program is:

  • A link to a google sheet program to download and save your training data throughout the 12 week program.

  • 23 page e-book that discusses the science of motor learning and control, alongside how skill and techqniue are developed through specific practices and executions.

  • 400+ video exercise database.