NSW | A Systematic Approach To Understanding Movement | Sat, Sept 9th

This is a deep dive into how I view human movement.

The models and frameworks I have used for 7 years to develop Strength Culture's coaching systems.

By the end of this workshop you will better understand global human function and how the human system manages gravity.

Spaces limited to 20 coaches to improve the experiences and outcomes of the workshop.

We will cover 4 modules across the day - each module building context for the successive modules. The 4 modules will be:

Module 1 - Anatomy of Rib Cage, Pelvis and Foot
The skeletal system underpins how we view and coach movement. If we can better understand how these key areas of the human skeleton interact and deal with forces/ gravity we can improve training outcomes, mobility and performance quickly in the gym.

Module 2 - Center of Mass  + Base of Support
In all standing gym based movements understanding how gravity impacts the human system is vital. The positions we find ourselves consistently in, and the technique breakdowns we often see, are almost always because of a miss management of center of mass and gravity. We use the Gait cycle as the lens to understand this principle of human movement.

Module 3 - Muscle Physiology and Mechanical Tension
As coaches, we use weight training to generate progressive amounts of tension within muscles. In order to understand how to progress training and improve hypertrophy and strength outcomes, we must first understand what tension is. Using the new framework built from module 1 + 2, we can begin to better understand how to generate tension in target areas.

Module 4 - Programming Applications and Practical Walkthroughs
Piecing everything together in a practical way. Programming strategies to improve skill and motor control, neuromuscular development for strength and hypertrophy principles for muscle building.

Limited to 20 coaches - tickets already moving - get in ASAP if you are keen.

Any questions - shoot me an email [email protected]

Date: Saturday, Sept 9th

Time: 9am - 4pm

Location: UNIT 2/23-31 Bowden St, Alexandria NSW 2015

$275.00 AUD