Monthly Coach Education - June

Weekly Coach Education at Melbourne Strength Culture Gym with Jamie Smith.

Times and Dates:
1pm - 2.30pm
Wk 1 - Thursday June 1st
Wk 2 - Thursday June 8th
Wk 3 - Thursday June 15th
Wk 4 - Thursday June 22nd

Week 1 - Rib Cage, Pelvis and Foot
The skeletal system underpins how we view and coach movement. If we can better understand how these key ares of the human system interact we can improve training outcomes quickly in the gym.

Week 2 - Center of Mass  + Base of Support
In all standing gym based movements understanding how gravity impacts the human system is vital. The positions we find ourselves consistently in, and the breakdowns we often see, are almost always because of mis management of center of mass and gravity.

Week 3 - Muscle Physiology and Tension
At the end of the day, we use weight training to tension muscles appropriately. Understanding how we can improve tension on target muscles is vital for making consistent.

Week 4 - Programming for Strength and Hypertrophy
Piecing everything together in a practical way. Programming to improve skill and motor control, neuromuscular development for strength and hypertrophy principles for muscle building.

- Limited to 20 coaches
- You can train at the gym before or after the session if you like!

Depending on interest we may do more of this!

Any questions - shoot me an email [email protected]

$110.00 AUD