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A Struggling PT To Successful Business Owner. I Will Teach You How To Build A Coaching Business That Actually Supports You.

I started in the industry in 2011 at 19 years old. Burning through cash quicker than I was making it. I worked with rich boomers from rich suburbs. Dealt with 5 and 6am cancels regularly. I hated majority of my sessions. Told people I loved my career choice but deep down hated the idea that this was "it".

2012, I decided to go to uni and study sports science to become a 'professional'. What a waste that was. It taught me to analyse systems and mechanisms for adaptations, but nothing that helped my inability to find new clients nor retain them.

2014, 3 years later. Still lost. Still no progress and my 6am Monday PT still cancelling.

2015 I thought working in professional sport was the calling. "Professional athletes won't skip sessions and will actually care about training outcomes, right?"... WRONG! I still tried pretty hard though and managed to get a paid position for the AFL club Carlton FC, only to get fired 6 weeks later for trying to implement changes in a stale environment where job security is limited. Professional sport was not the answer.

2016, my final roll of the dice, a mentorship to the USA with Eric Cressey at Cressey Sports Performance. Where I finally found the answers to my career development issues. You need more than just a combination of hard skillset and attitude for success. Your ability to coach is only half the battle, maybe even less.

You need to identify the areas of focus within your business and build systems for change within them. You need to change your attitude from working for yourself to working for a business. You need to learn to manage finances as well as you can manage a program. You need to approach your business in the same way you expect your clients to approach their goals.

Fast forward 6 years and I now own Strength Culture. One of Australia's leading strength and performance gyms and brands. I have 3 full time coaches working within the business and have successfully transitioned out of coaching to focus solely on building our brand. I have learnt a lot in my journey over the past 10 years, and over the 8 weeks of this mentorship I plan on teaching you every single key principle, framework and cognitive model I use to make consistent progress in this industry.

I invested $15,000 to go to the US in 2016 and it was the single greatest professional experience of my life. Throughout this mentorship I plan to recreate this experience for you.

8 Weeks Of In-Depth Coaching Systems and Accelerated Business Development

Intake commences January 31st, 2023

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Jason Stoupas

Owner of Husla Coaching and Husla Lifting

I simply wouldn't be having the success I am today without Jamie and his knowledge which he has passed onto me. I would still be at Goodlife eating dirt.

I am forever grateful that I have been able to learn and apply the coaching and business lessons to my business.

Don't waste a second thinking about doing this mentorship. Do it.

Bec Potalej

Owner of Lioness Performance

Prior to gaining support from Jamie, I was 4 years into the industry and thinking of a way out. With his level of support, alongside his education both in business and coaching I have been able to build a business from the ground up.

This allows me to love my work daily, confidently coach my clientele and have a business that supports me and my staff for life.


Travis Murrells

Owner of The Fitness Genie

Whether you're making <5k/month or 50k/month, it doesn't matter. You'll make your money back in a heart beat and you'll be a better coach & business owner for doing this mentorship.

If coaching and training people is your passion then you can't ignore this program, you need to figure out how to make your career (not just a job anymore) last a lifetime and this program is going to help you do just that.

My goal across the 8 weeks is to give you the skillset needed to succeed as a coach, succeed as a business owner and ultimately succeed in this chapter of your life.


Wk1: Training Principle Outline

  • Specificity
  • Load/ stress management
  • Phase potentiation
  • Individualisation

Wk2: Client Management and Programming Lenses

  • BPS model
  • Top Down/ Bottoms Up
  • Constraints based model

Wk 3: Microcycle Development and Overall Program Design

  • Landmarks and distribution of stress
  • Strength and Hypertrophy application
  • Evaluating success

Wk 4: Biomechanics Models

  • Breathing, gait and human function
  • Lever systems lens
  • Tension

Wk 5: Programming Deep Dives

  • Case studies
  • Client management strategies

Wk 6: Introspective Business Analysis

  • SWOT
  • Determining differentiation
  • 4 Quadrants business framework
  • Back end systems development

Wk 7: Finance Systems

  •  Personal and business finance systems
  • Understanding wages, profit margins and growth

Wk 8: Building Scalable Coaching Systems

  •  Developing online coaching systems
  • Content creation and social media discussion from our experiences
  • Staff development and management

 Weekly Deliverables

  • 1x live lecture (~60-75minutes)
  • 1x Q&A / practical application session (~60 minutes)
  • Weekly homework tasks for systems development introspective analysis
  • Join a community of like minded killers in the industry

Start Date: 31st January, 2023

  • Everything will be recorded for play back.
  • Calls will be Tuesday's and Thursday's, specific times for group calls will be determined by the cohort (most likely 2pm Melbourne time).
  • No refunds available from January first. Any refund will incur a 5% deduction for administration fees.

Angus Bradley

I don’t know what I can say about Jamie Smith’s mentoring that can adequately sum up the impact it had on me both personally and in my business.

In the year following my mentorship with Jamie I was forced to completely reevaluate all of my goals and aspirations relating to my fitness business as he helped connect dots in a way that I didn’t ever think was possible.

If you are a young fitness professional with big dreams, you cannot miss out on this opportunity.

Will Berkman

Jamie is that rare breed for whom even the style can’t live up to the substance. He has a wealth of training and business knowledge, with a unique ability to distil both down to their simple and applicable take-homes, and he knows how to have fun on the way.

I credit many of my successes both within fitness and elsewhere to my ongoing association with MSC, and would strongly encourage any aspiring coach or business owner to work with Jamie.

Jackson Geer

I can comfortably say it’s change my business and my life for the better.

I now have direction and systems in place that have made my business profitable, along with more practical knowledge that I can pass on to my clients and other coaches.

Jamie is an excellent communicator and teacher, I truly think the mentorship is a must for anyone in the fitness industry.

Don’t sit on the fence for this.

Accelerate Your Learning And Skip The Bullshit

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Save $250

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Payment Plan


6 monthly payments of $333.30

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