Intern with Strength Culture

Build your skills as a strength coach under the watchful eyes of our experienced team.

Intern inside one of Australia's leading strength and performance gyms.

We offer 12-week structured internships for young coaches and university students to build their skills and develop under the watchful eye's of our experienced team of coaches.

Develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

12-weeks of structured content covers all aspects of what it is to be a successful in the industry. Everything from assessments, programming, nutrition and recovery are covered.

Application of knowledge.

Alongside the weekly classes, there is an expectation of 2x 4 hour coaching shifts per week, so you can learn to apply your our skills on the gym floor.

Jason Stoupas - Husla Coaching

"The knowledge I gained from the internship are now extending further than I could have imagined. I am now able to pass on the skills to my own staff.

2022 Intakes are as follows:

Intake 1: March 2nd to May 25th (applications close Feb 19th).

Intake 2: June 15th to Sept 7th (applications close June 03rd).

Intake 3: Sept 28th to Dec 21st (applications close Sept 17th).

In order to apply, please follow the directions below.

Please hand deliver 1x single A4 piece of paper to the gym during our coached hours. Coaching hours are provided on our 'Coaching' section of the website.

Included on this A4 paper please provide the following information:

- Your contact details (email, phone etc.)

- Why you want to intern with Melbourne Strength Culture.

- The 3 key areas of interest you have within the industry/ skillset.

- Current experience as a coach.

- Favourite genre of music.

- Special interests/ hobbies outside of the industry.

Once you have introduced yourself to one of our coaches, you will be asked to discuss your current training program as lifter/ athlete yourself. If you do not train, you need not apply to this internship.

Please note, this internship requires ~10 hours per week.

2 hours every Wednesday at 8am - 10am (educational class).

2x 3-4 hour coaching shifts per week (1x morning and 1x afternoon evening - coaching shifts are listed on website).

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any further questions, please email Jamie Smith via [email protected]

Bec Potalej - Lioness Performance

"This program has by far had the biggest impact on my growth as a coach. I have no doubt that with the knowledge I have gained, combined with experience, I have the ability to be a top notch coach."

Didier Vassou

"The development of my skillset was such that I became employable, and now proudly have joined the ranks as Strength Culture's 4th full time coach."