Upcoming Community Training Events

The Most Successful Clients We Work With Have A Few Things In Common:


1. They have set, structured goals.

2. They have a timeline they want to achieve them by.

3. They are surrounded by a group of supportive, likeminded people and coaches.


These community training events tick the boxes for all 3 factors for successful training. Whether you want to test your strength, build your endurance capacity or improve your body composition, setting a structured goal and timeline will guarantee to improve your training outcomes.

What are you training for?
 What are your goals?
What inspires your training direction?

Once we have identified your goal, we will build out your plan. Couple this with the accountability and support of our expert coaches and likeminded community... results are guaranteed.

Upcoming Community Training Events

Strength and Powerlifting Events


Novice Powerlifting Competitions for those looking for their first experience in Powerlifting and testing their maxes in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlifts.

Upcoming Novice Comps:
- Saturday, May 27th
- Saturday, September 16th

USAPL Australia Powerlifting Competitions for experienced lifters who want to compete alongside fellow Strength Culture lifters in sanctioned meets. We send teams to comps regularly, please contact us for upcoming events.

Learn More About Our Novice Powerlifting Comps

Hybrid Training Events


Push Pull Run is for those who want to be running and lifting animals. We test deadlift and bench press maxes before a running time trial. This is perfect for people who love training for both strength and endurance.

Upcoming Push Pull Runs:
- Saturday, June 17th
- Saturday, October 14th

Learn More About Push Pull Run

Endurance Training Events


Running and Triathlon Events for those looking to build their endurance training towards a specific endurance event.

Upcoming Endurance Events:
- October 15th - Melbourne Marathon, Half Marathon, 5/10km
- December 10th - Sprint Triathlon
- March 24th - Olympic Triathlon

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