Coach Development Program


10 Weeks of In-Person Coach Development Alongside 10 Weeks of Online Coaching Experience.


❓Feeling lost in your chosen career path?

Unsure what to focus on as a coach?

Feel like your skillset as a coach could be sharpened?

Feel like there is more to learn in order to help your clients?

Want to learn from some of Australia's leading strength and performance coaches?

Ready to take the next step with your coaching business?


Our best development as coaches come from immersing ourselves in communities of likeminded people, developing first hand learning and education experiences and finding mentors that have succeeded in the goals we set.


This is why we have built the All Inclusive 10 week Coach Development Program:

10 weeks of structured coach development sessions in the gym. 2x 1-hour sessions per week:

✅ Technique across all gym movements - Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Rows, Strength, Hypertrophy, Machines and MORE!

✅ Anatomy and Physiology discussions that actually make a difference to how you can help your cleints.

✅ Nutrition coaching and improving outcomes without having to teach calorie tracking.

✅ Programming strategies to improve strength, hypertrophy and performance outcomes in and out of the gym.

✅ + Much more.

 10 weeks of online coaching with one of Strength Culture's Coaches:

✅ Individualised programming with one of our coaches to learn first hand how a comprehensive online coaching service operates.

✅ Nutrition coaching included, to experience what a complete coaching service entails. 

✅ Regular check in's with your coach for technique and program reviews as well as an opportunity to get your questions answered from the in-person development sessions.

Access to Strength Culture Gym for training sessions on Wednesday and Friday after the practical sessions

But Jamie - I already have a coach I work with for my training and nutrition?

No worries, this is why we created the "Training App Option". You'll receive 3 months of free access to our training app if you want to check out the programs and videos on there instead of the online coaching services provided above.


Intake 2 kicks off on Wednesday 3rd of May.

In gym practical sessions are 10am Wednesday and Friday.


Training App Option


Top Features

  • Everything listed above
  • FREE access to the Strength Culture Training App for 3 months.
  • Regular check-ins with your coach for form check and questions answered.
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Online Coaching Option


Save 10%

  • Everything listed above
  • Full access to our comprehensive online coaching service - Alone this is valued at $790 for 10 weeks.
  • Your own 1-on1 online coach.
  • Individualised Training Program and Nutrition coaching.
  • Regular check-ins form check and questions answered.
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Online Coaching Payment Plan


Total price: $990

3x $330 monthly payments

  • Everything included in online coaching!
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Fortnightly Payment Plans are Available - simply fill out the form below and Jamie will be in contact to set up you.

Speak to Jamie Smith before jumping in

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Exclusive to 10 coaches only!

In order to provide the best possible experience for the cohort, we are limiting this intake to only 10 coaches.


We recommend that if you are serious about your development as a coach that you do not hesitate to get involved with this limited opportunity offer.