Melbourne Strength Culture's semi private training system allows the individual to take responsibility of their own training. Each individual will undergo a complete assessment prior to beginning training at Melbourne Strength Culture, after which our coaches will create an individualised training program that is designed for your goals and training history. Your second session with Melbourne Strength Culture will be a 1-on-1 training session where you are introduced to your program. Throughout your first few weeks of training within the Semi Private Training System you will receive higher coaching loads to ensure you are comfortable with both your program and the environment.


Our assessment protocols are designed to provide each individual with the most comprehensive individualised training program possible. The assessment includes:

- Training Goals

- Injury and Medical History

- Complete Static and Dynamic Movement Screen

- 20-30 Minute Strength Session to determine starting point


Initial Assessment - $70

Program Show (1-on-1) - $70

Introduction Membership**

$70 - 1 Session p/week at Melbourne Strength Culture with an external program and nutrition coaching available.

Full Membership**

$85 p/week - Full individualised program, nutrition coaching and complete access to our gym and coaching staff.

Online Coaching**

Online coaching is available for those looking to take their strength training to the next level. We have developed a system of programming and communication that provides the athlete with guidance and support.

$200 AUD every 4 weeks ($50 AUD p/ week)

1-on-1 Coaching

Melbourne Strength Culture provides 1-on-1 coaching for those individuals who feel they need more assistance in achieving their goals.

Prices start at $95 p/session

*times are limited*

**As with all strength and conditioning programs, improvements take time. As such, we have a strict 3 month policy in place for signing with any Strength Culture Gym Membership option. By signing to one of these (3) options you are agreeing to allow 3 months minimum to achieve the goals as set out within your assessment process. Cancelling your membership within this 3 month period, starting the date of your initial assessment, will encounter a $200 cancellation fee.