Upper and Lower Extremity Seminars | May 25th

Love always wins. (1).png
Love always wins. (1).png

Upper and Lower Extremity Seminars | May 25th


Jamie Smith and Charlie Athanassiou have put their Upper and Lower Extremity Seminars together for a 1 day seminar filled with the best of both.

This 5.5 hour seminar will cover:

- Functional Anatomy of the Core, Hips and Upper Extremity.

- Breathing and Bracing Strategies.

- Assessment Strategies for the Back, Hips and Shoulders.

-Interventions for Mobility and Stability

-Squat, Deadlift and Reaching Progressions and Regressions.

When: Saturday May 25th, 11am - 4.30pm

Where: Melbourne Strength Culture, 18/477 Warrigal Road Moorabbin 3189

Who: This seminar is designed for coaches, allied health professionals and lifters looking for a deeper understanding of their training and movement.

Tickets are limited to 30.

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