Melbourne Squat, Deadlift and Core Seminar - Sat. 09/02/19

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Melbourne Squat, Deadlift and Core Seminar - Sat. 09/02/19

129.00 159.00

The Strength Culture Squat, Deadlift and Core Seminar is tailored to strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, health care professionals and lifting enthusiasts/ powerlifters.

Presented by Jamie (Director of Coaching) and Charlie (Head of Powerlifting) this 3 and a Half hour seminar will cover:

- Breathing and Bracing Strategies for the Big Lower Body Lifts.

- Assessment Strategies for the Back, Hips and Ankles to determine movement deficiencies limiting performance.

- Exercise Interventions/ Mobility and Stability strategies to improve on common movement deficiencies.

- Squat and Deadlift Technique/ Big Rocks

- Squat and Deadlift Practical/ Coaching

Early Bird Prices (until 27/01/19) - $129.00
Full Price (27/01/19 - 09/02/19) - $159.00

Seminar Date: 09/02/2019 12pm - 3.30pm

Location: Melbourne Strength Culture Gym

18/477 Warrigal Road, Moorabbin

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