2019 Strength Culture Congress

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2019 Strength Culture Congress


2019 Strength Culture Congress

In the inaugural Strength Culture Congress we are opening our doors to the public for an insight into the minds of all Strength Culture staff and special guest Durham McInnis of Core Advantage. Our goal with the congress is to provide a platform for our coaches and industry peers to discuss openly and freely topics that may not be large enough for individual seminars/ workshops but still provide immense value to those within the industry at all levels.

Each presenter will get 45 minutes to present on their topics of choice. There will be a 20-30 minute QnA at the end of the day with networking opportunities for all attendees.

1. Jamie Smith - 3 Years of Fitness Business Blunders.

Covering a wide range of business oriented learnings from building the brand of strength culture, including in depth analysis of the coaching and business model Strength Culture has developed over the years.

2. Charlie Athanassiou - The Death of Percentage Based Training.

Charlie, the Head of Powerlifting at Strength Culture, will discuss the pros and cons to both RPE and Percentage based programming for strength athletes and why we believe RPE based programming is the best for all.

3. Dan Godeassi - Tendon Rehab for the Strength Athlete

Dan Godeassi, Strength Culture and Powerlifting Australia’s Head Physio, will be discussing the intricacies of tendon based rehabilitation for strength athletes. With a thirst for science and evidence based practice, this will get deep!

4. Jamie Bouziotis - Performance Through Rehab

Jamie B, the Head of Strength and Conditioning at Strength Culture, will be breaking down the rehab-performance model and how the similarities in both influence the journey of all injured athletes.’

5. Didier Vassou - Building a Culture

Newest coach on the block, Didier will be covering all the ins and outs of building team culture. Drawing on his experiences as a Strength Culture intern, to now being second in charge of Powerlifting.

6. Durham McInnis - The Compounding Power of Excellence.

The 2019 Special Guest is Durham McInnis, with over 20 years experience as an elite athletic development coach. Durham is the Head Coach of Core Advantage as well as the Speed and Agility Coach of Melbourne Boomers and the Athletic Development Coach of Basketball Victoria. Durham will be discussing the lessons learnt of 20 years of industry success and the process implemented to get the best out of him self and his peers.

Tickets are limited to 50
Location: Melbourne Strength Culture

Date: Saturday 23rd November

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

We look forward to seeing you at the first of many Strength Culture Congress’.

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