Our Mission

Melbourne Strength Culture was created to provide an environment where individuals can train surrounded by knowledgeable coaches and like minded individuals. We have two beliefs that our gym is built upon:

1) Strength is the foundation for everything;

2) You are a direct product of the environment you place yourself in.

It is through these two defining principles that Melbourne Strength Culture was created. We aim to create a culture and environment surrounding strength training that allows an individual to get the best out of their training and life!

Our System

Our gym runs with a semi private 'open gym' system. This allows each individual the opportunity to take responsibility for their own training under the direction of our highly educated strength and conditioning coaches. Each individual begins their training at Melbourne Strength Culture with an assessment, which includes goal setting, current and recent training history, medical and injury history and a complete static and dynamic movement screen. This assessment allows our coaches to provide each individual with a program that is 100% individualised for them and their goals. Although our gym offers minimal 1on1 training, each member will receive as much coaching as required to ensure the progression towards their goals.

Our Team


Jamie Smith

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science majoring in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Cressey Sports Performance Internship

6+ Years of Coaching Experience

Jamie is currently the Director of Coaching at Melbourne Strength Culture.

Email: jsmith@melbournestrengthculture.com

Instagram: @j.smith.culture


Charlie Athanassiou

Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Sports and Exercise Science

Charlie is currently the Head Powerlifting Coach of Melbourne Strength Culture

6+ Years of Coaching Experience

Competitive Powerlifter

Email: charlie@melbournestrengthculture.com

Instagram: @quantum_lifting


Jamie Bouziotis

Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science

Jamie is currently Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Melbourne Strength Culture. Jamie has worked with both semi professional and professional Soccer and Australian Football clubs. With over 5 years of athletic development experience.

Jamie is currently the Head of Parkdale Secondary College Elite Sport Academy.

Email: jbouziotis@melbournestrengthculture.com


Didier Vassou

Didier is currently a Strength and Powerlifting Coach for Melbourne Strength Culture.

Didier currently competes in powerlifting with Powerlifting Australia.

Email: dider@melbournestrengthculture.com

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 4.09.32 pm.png

Dr. Dan Godeassi

Dan is the Physiotherapist at Melbourne Strength Culture. Dan has experience working with strength athletes and field based sports athletes across multiple domains. With his own experience as a competitive swimmer and powerlifter, Dan understands the demands of an athlete and will help build the framework to get you back to performance efficiently.

Dan is also the Head Physiotherapist of Powerlifting Australia.

To book your consultation please contact Dan on:

Phone: 0439 385 095

Email: dangodeassiphysio@gmail.com